Sunday, October 5, 2008

Winter's Coming

Last night, for the first time since about April, we had solid precipitation.  Freezing rain, for just a few minutes.  And, off and on, it's been trying to snow all day long.  So, winter seems close.  Well, it's about time, I guess; after all, it is October.  Still, it's been such a nice fall that I'm sad to see it go.

Of course, any seeds ungathered have a smaller chance of maturing.  So, all things considered, I'd best buy some foxglove and other seeds for next year.  TIme to order the garlic, too, and also see if there's been much progress in the bulbs out back.  I've a small 4'X8' garlic plot, the soil of which has had but a year's worth of improvement.  A garlic pulled about a month ago was quite disappointing in size, but it's getting to the point where they must come up, ready or not.

I've also been pleased with the house ... shack.  This summer I tried to plug every last draft in the place, and feel I succeeded.  I can be blowing 30 knots, yet inside is dead air.  No movement whatsoever.  The true test, however, will be in full winter, January to March.  

We'll see how it works out, but really, the comfort level simply MUST be much improved.

I've been watching the financial collapse and trying to figure out what's actually happening, why, and what it all portends.  Frankly, I am fearful of a true depression, as in the 1930s.  I think things are that bad.

In the next day or two, will try to form my thoughts on that matter into some coherent form.  Had I any readers, I'd apologize to them for the dallying, but there are no readers ...

So, I'll apologize to me.  This blog is for me, after all.  A way to form my thoughts, generally inform friends, and practice writing.

Dark, overcast, chilly, wet ... winter's coming, oh yeah!

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