Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, it may well have been naieve for Governor Palin to act as she did, but I pesonally find it difficult to disparage her greatly because of this.

Consider: The Alaska State Trooper involved was commonly believed to be arrogant and brutal, drank alcohol while on duty, in uniform, in a police car, shot a cow moose out of season without a license (mortal sin in Alaska!), tasered his stepson, apparently for nothing, and abused his wife, Palin's sister, as well as being accused of other, less provable, infractions.

Seems to me that anyone with a body temperature above room temperature would want to do SOMETHING to this guy!  Had he done it to my sister, Bonnie Dee, I'd surely want to make him pay.

Technically unethical act by the Guv?  Yeah, I guess so.

Tremendous crime?  Naw, I don't think so.

Understandable?  To me, yes.

Would I have done something similar?  Oh, yeah.

Bottom line for me is that, while hardly the absolutely most legal, best or brightest move, Governor Palin's actions in this affair are hardly mortal sins, and would have no bearing on her abilities and/or actions as Vice President, nor disqualify her for higher political office.

Personal opinion, now.

Our governor is not perfect, she's human.  And it's very human indeed to protect one's family.  To me, her acts were undestandable and justifiable.

Man, had someone treated my sister and her kid like that, I'd have been all over him like stink on shit, with no apologies.  Preferably kick his ass, but he looks pretty tough, so I much misdoubt that I could.

But then, both my IQ and body temperature are above ambient.

Anyway, that's how it looks to most all of us, out here in the Eastern Aleutian Islands.

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