Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seed Collecting

Day before yesterday I collected maybe a hundred seeds from the single Dwarf Monkshood in back.  One must be observant, as these seeds apparently disperse just so soon as ready.  I had checked the plant two days before, and obviously the seeds were unready.  When I next checked, all were ready and many had already dispersed.  Had I waited another day, most likely all would have been lost, or at least the great majority.

Of all things, a pretty daisy called "African Daisy" flourishes here in the Eastern Aleutians.  So, yesterday began clipping some of those seeds, of which I'd guess there are also a hundred or so.  Some poppy seeds, too, enough at least for next year, if I'm careful.  Maybe more coming.

So far, the foxglove in back is not ready to disperse seed, but I watch it closely.  Looks like it might take laying down a plastic sheet or some such to ensure collecting the largest possible number of seeds.  Time will tell.  Check daily, and all that.

There's another couple of plants that bear watching about now, also.  They will be mentioned if a successful harvest occurs.

And that's gardening today.

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