Friday, September 19, 2008

You Better Look Out!

I honestly believe that we are headed into a Great Depression. But, this time there is NO industrial base to pull us out, as there was in 1940. It's mostly been offshored. Seems the American people - you and me - have been so busy trying to get by that we've not noticed that our nation has been hijacked. And now, foreign nationals are buying up, and will continue to do so, so much of our physical assets as they may.

Who pays the piper calls the tune, and China, for example, controls so much in the way of US T-bills that, should they desire, the Chinese government could bring this country down. Hard.

We no longer live in a democracy, folks. This country is now owned and operated by corporations and banks, for the benefit of corporations and banks.

Don't believe those fools on TV who say the worst is over. No; the worst is coming, and that soon. Commercial real estate is the next bomb to drop, and it will make the housing crisis look small. Then there's the derivatives ... and nobody knows what THEY will do.

What really scares me about all this is that the "experts" simply don't know what's REALLY going on. I sure as hell don't.

..."The financial firms are not just dead, they are corrupt to the core. Perhaps one or two Wall Street firms will be left standing in a year or more. Has anyone figured out why foreign pursuit of Wall Street firms is blocked? Partly because foreigners cannot assess the value of such complicated opaque assets, intertwined within nests of acid pits. The other reason is that US banking authorities wish to keep the protected corrupt evidence within the Manhattan fold."...

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