Monday, September 22, 2008


While surfing the web, looking for post ideas, I realized that there are so many excellent sources for information, written by those both more knowledgeable and intelligent than I, that to attempt surpassing them was ridiculous. All I can say is that I believe an unprecedented power grab and theft is now happening. We - all of us - are being robbed blind, and most don't even know it.

So, what the hell: it's yesterday for me. And, I apologize to my legions of non-existent readers for being ... human. No perfection here.

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous days we have here, when all or most of the mountains are out. September has been mostly such days, partly cloudy and warm enough. Some days we can see Mount Pavlof, a volcano about 70-80 miles to the West. A classic cone, it closely resembles Mount Fuji, in Japan. The weather promises to be pretty decent for the next few days, a welcome relief.

This spring was literally non-existent; summer arrived 24 July; and an "Indian Summer" is a relief. Winters can be handled, but we do expect SOME sort of summer as a reward, you know.

So, a couple pals came over, for lack of anything better to do. Brad and me had a smoke and went out back. Still lots of flowers, mostly a type of daisy similar to the Shasta Daisy, Veronica, and this wild white rose, which is prolific and lovely. After several years, the Lady's Slipper has finally bloomed this year, and being near three feet tall, is a mini-tower of blooms. Really pretty.

Jenny Lynn's uncle planted a few raspberry bushes in back of the motel a very long time ago. Now, they have taken over, and produce nicely. Picked a bowl yesterday, and with a little cream are scrumptious! Yet the ones in my yard, after years of TLC, don't do anything. So it's the chipper for them! The space obtained will go to another row of spuds, the last of which I dug yesterday. I might be able to get a couple hundred pounds out of there next year.

The three mints do well, especially the Lemon Balm. A pot pourri is pretty much done, using wild white and pink roses, a great many Yarrow blooms dried and jarred, and such like. The growing season is about done, and it's time to think about next year. No carrots, for example, more garlic.

I think what I'm doing is processing a lot of info through my subconscious, and a decent post will come of it. I think.

It's going to be another lovely day. This country is just so unbelievably beautiful ... when you can see it!

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