Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Since I don't know what the hell I'm doing here, I operate on free advice, gleaned from the web. One such article states that one should not launch a blog with fewer than five posts. "Starting Naked", I think he called it. And I'd not like to embarrass readers with my nudity.

So. Since this blog is about what ever I like, I'll tell you about my potatoes. I've a tiny patch in back, which produced a few last year, the first time I'd tried growing them. This year, even with such an abysmal growing season, production nearly doubled. NO! I won't tell you the total poundage - too embarrassing. But, it doubled. That's progress. BTW, I believe in mulching.

Some years ago I hacked down large numbers of salmon berry bushes to clear the yard, and found a most inconvenient little dip in the soil. As I know a boat wright, I was able to gain a large amount of sawdust, dumped it there, and forgot it. When I decided to try potatoes, there was no other usable area, as the rest of the back is full of flowers. So, there they went. Lo and behold, spuds! Seems they like loose, nutrient poor soil. Apparently, anyway, for that's where they flourished.

As I sit writing, there in front on the work bench lies the ... well, I suppose that technically it could be called a spud crop, though it wouldn't feed me for long. Still, it's an improvement, and I really should have been a farmer. I like dirt under the fingernails. Good, fertile dirt, that is.

Mmm. Mashed fresh potatoes. Lots of butter, mayonnaise, a bit of garlic ... yeah. By the way, while the garlic plot looks good, the bulbs are minimal. However, the soil in that area has just this year begun receiving my attention, and is not likely all that fertile. Next year will be better.

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