Friday, September 19, 2008

No Cops!

No police! And that's a fact.

All I know for certain is the last two patrol officers left town, long before their contracts were up. And there is a pay penalty for that, so they had a good reason.

OK, here's the rumor: Our local chief was caught having sex with a local slut. The chief and his family are members of a rather strict, mainstream religion based in Utah. His wife left him and moved out, taking the younger children. His oldest daughter got her own apartment, and began screwing a local low-life, of which we have more than our share. So, the chief kicked in the daughter's door, and threatened the fellow with his gun. THEN, the Alaska State Troopers came in, disarmed the chief, and that's when the patrol officers left. And the chief can't carry a gun.

Now, I was not there, didn't see it, and it's all rumor, except: in the last MONTH, I have seen a patrol car out ONE TIME! The chief doesn't answer calls, and apparently never leaves his house any more.

We have no cops. But, generally, nothing has changed. Folks in this town, with of course exceptions, are generally pretty honest, or at least honest enough. You can still leave your front door unlocked, for example, though some few young men may be changing that for us all.

I like the chief; he's a nice guy, and if I must be arrested again, I'd hope it to be by him, or someone like him. And my marriage collapsed also. I know what it's like to have your entire life fall apart, and have nothing to hold on to. It is just pure hell, and you want to die. And all because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

I really feel for this guy, and wish there were something I could do. But what? I had to work it all out myself, and it seems he must also.

Poor bastard. Hope it doesn't drive him to alcohol, as it did to me.

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