Tuesday, September 16, 2008

General Weather

Since so many I've spoken to over the years want to know about the weather up here, I must say that it's generally poor. At the moment, we're in a late summer. Since we had NO spring, and summer did not arrive until 24 July, this year has been unusual. Things usually green up around here at the end of June, beginning of May, but not this year. Unremitting wind, rain, and heavy cloud cover. Since we were all anticipating summer any second now, and it never came, it was all rather depressing, actually.

Generally, winters are horrid; a windy, wet, maritime climate, which during January-March can be pretty cold. Not so cold as upstate New York, say, or Minnesota, but chill enough for us. Last winter was unusually cold, with periods of 10-15 days of near zero temps, and North winds not dropping below 35 knots. Everybody's pipes froze at least once, and a couple roofs left their houses. Yet, during winter, we can have periods of two and three weeks' worth of sunny, clear days. Cold enough, but pretty. This is a lovely area - when you can see it.

Just kind of crappy, in general. Think Seattle, only colder, wetter, and windier. As an example, one June I fished a halibut opener (pre-quota), and it blew 103 knots in Korovin Strait, the other side of the island. That's about 118 mph. But I must admit that I was within a mile of shore. Plenty bad enough as it was, and that's a fact. Should not have been there, but when you're desperate ....

Most summers are decent enough, though this year's was unusually cool and wet. Luckily enough, September has proven, thus far, to be pretty nice. Finally - finally - some flowers I'd though moribund have actually bloomed, such as a bucket of poppies out front. Only two months late ....

Should any be curious enough to look, I'll soon post links to local weather. As this is a maritime town, we live - and sometimes die - by the weather, so we pay attention.

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