Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Decent Price

This town has been under the thumb of two fish processors: Trident Seafood, and Peter Pan Seafood. Between them, they have this entire area by the short hairs, and don't mind playing dirty to hold on to them. Whilst there has never been any proof, it is widely believed that the two collude on the ex-vessel price paid to fishermen. Historically, they've paid just enough for the fishermen to survive, and little more. The glory days of $1 and $2 a pound salmon disappeared with the advent of farmed salmon.

Now, it appears, a company called Sno Pak will build another plant, right near the harbor. This will certainly ensure that the fishermen receive a decent price for a change. Until this year, pink salmon were worth 5-7 cents a pound. But this last season, because there actually was real competition, the same fish brought 37 cents a pound.

Suddenly, it's possible for the smaller boats to make some money for a change.

But, make no mistake: the "Two Kings" are not happy. I am told that Trident will not allow those who sold to the competition to so much as tie up to their dock. And Trident is the ONLY fuel supplier for this town of Sand Point

They don't mind playing dirty. There's a LOT of things I'd like to write, but frankly such could be deemed libel, and they don't - mind - playing - dirty. This little burg lives on rumor, and rumor has it "X" died because .... "Y's" boat loan was called in because .... Who knows?

I don't know; I wasn't there, and didn't see it. Rumors, you know. But, it wouldn't surprise me. And, along with many others, I suspect that there has been not merely unlawful corporate collusion and intimidation, but also corruption of native corporations. Wish I knew for sure. But, most all the natives here seem to believe there is such corruption, yet make no effort to change things.

That's hard for me to respect.

Well, that's five posts, so technically I am not nekkid. It's supposed to blow a gale tomorrow, but Northerly, so mayhap the weather will be good enough to run around on my four wheeler and dig up some ... facts.

I don't have to look for rumors; they come knocking on the door.

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