Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Beginning

The purpose of this blog is to describe the changes and effects caused by the oil industry's, as well as the mineral industry's, activities in the Sand Point/Shumagin Islands/Bristol Bay area of Alaska. Change is coming, and soon. Before long, thousands of construction workers shall be in this area, and pretty much everything will change.

Massive amounts of money will come into this area, along with massive numbers of people, materials, shipping, traffic, money, you name it.

This area will never be the same, for better or worse.

As Cicero said, "nothing is constant save change".

Well, change is here.

As time goes on, I shall provide all the information I can concerning the resources of the area, predicted and observed effects on the physical, governmental, social, fisheries, oceanographic, and wild life matrices in this part of the world. Additionally, my thoughts, as well as the thoughts of others in the area, on these subjects will be posted, along with the odd personal posts. No reason to ignore the rest of the Aleutian Islands either, so from time to time Adak, Dutch Harbor, and other places will be discussed as they may come up.

This being the first post, it's little more than an introduction to the subject. Tomorrow I'll start putting up background material concerning the area's history, sociology, the mineral and fisheries resources around here, and other basics.

As I wish to make a few dollars from this, any reader may expect at least one daily post. I shall certainly attempt to do so, but readers must understand that I am in fact disabled and in constant pain. Therefore, there may be days when I'm just not up to it.

As most blogs are read by few, I can see no need to apologize for posting lapses. Always I've thought that a bit presumptuous, in any event. I hardly expect the reader to await, with bated breath, the next post.

Should the reader find these subjects of interest, do stay tuned. Things are changing here, and fast. Hard to say how it will turn out.

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